Greeting from the President

We can shape your idea into reality

As a product development manufacturer, we have delivered products with high quality, short lead time, and inexpensive costs to satisfy customers' needs.

However, the environment surrounding the manufacturing industry is facing increasing challenges, including the application of new technologies typified by artificial intelligence (AI), further tightening of CO2 reduction regulations, and labor shortages.

In this tough business world where our true value is sought, we are firmly determined to promote our business posture to market the products that customers are looking for with our integrity of our ardent passion and abundant know-how in technology.

We can shape your idea into reality !

Hiroshi Iwamoto, President

Managerial Philosophy

C-COM promotes the well-being of employees through reliable work trusted by customers, and expects the development and prosperity of the company.

1. To become reliable supplier for our customers.
1. To put effort to enrich employees.
1. To endeavor development and growth of our company.

Under philosophies listed above, we are determined to put these three benefits together, thus serving our society broadly.

Company Policies

1.To become reliable supplier for our customers.
2.Accelerating reforms to stabilize management foundations
3.Develop employee's ability improvement through training
4.Aiming further development of Aerospace business