Machinery & Motor vehicle division


We assist our customers' prototype development
to small-lot mass production


From prototype development to small-lot mass production, we have worked on various projects as a development and prototyping factory for each manufacturer with an integrated production system.

We can also assist customers with small lot mass production parts, from the product concept stage to prototype development for launching mass production.

Wide items range from sheet metal parts to machined parts.

We work with customers globally, from domestic manufacturers to overseas manufacturers, and respond to a variety of customer requests.

C-COM's production system aims to shorten
development lead times and improve costs
by leveraging an integrated production system

By conducting repeated examinations in SE activities and various simulations, and making 3D prototypes, we are consistently examining structures, shapes, and process designs that are difficult to judge with 2D drawings.

Main technology

Main technology

Main technology

    Production Engineering

  • Press simulation analysis
  • Resin 3D printer model verification
  • Prototype Dies (Soft Tool) Design and ZAS/FC Casting
  • NC Milling of Press Dies
  • Design and production of welding, clinching, and hemming jig
  • Design and manufacture of prototype inspection jig
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Parts Manufacturing

  • Deforming process of ultra high tensile strenght steel sheet
  • Die Quench Process
  • Hot Pressing
  • 2D/3D Laser Process
  • Large 5 axis machining process
  • Large turning process
  • Unit Assebly

  • B.I.W build
  • Aluminium body assembly (SPR, Self Piercing rivet)
  • Laser Brazing Weld Robot
  • Spot welding robot and MIG welding robot
  • Roller Hemming Process

Quality Assurance


  • FARO, 3D CMM, contact type
  • 3D Scanning System, non-contact type (Color map)
  • Testing Equipment

  • Leak Tester
  • Welding Tensile Test
  • Macro electron microscope examination of welding
  • Diffusion layer coating test
  • Spot weld test (Ultrasonic)
  • Hardness Measurement
  • Surface Roughness Measuremnt

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