Company Profile

Origin of company name

As a product development manufacturer, we will tackle to deliver products with high quality and short delivery time to satisfactorily match the customers' needs with cutting edge technology.

We will increase customer satisfaction through active communication.

We strive to create innovative products and services through ingenuity.

We will carry out vibrant management that allows each and every employee to come alive.

Logo mark concept

This is from episode of Motonari Mori, a Hiroshima warload who lived around AD 1500, that three arrows, not one, would gather solid strength. Our Logo represents three arrows flying into the world symbolized by an oval.

And it shows that C-COM Co., Ltd, which has the three elements of people, technology, and equipment, can be accepted worldwide.

Company Profile

Company Name C-COM CO.,LTD
Head office 5-2-41 Konan, Naka-ku, Hiroshima
Founded March 1978
Established December 1984
Capital 60 Million JPY
President Hiroshi Iwamoto, President
Number of employee 270 (Automotive 150 , Aerospace 120)
Main Factory 5-2-41 Konan, Naka-ku, Hiroshima
Nagoya factory 998-59 Joraku, Fukami-cho, Toyota, Aichi
Kan-on Factory 2-15-1 Kanon Shinmachi, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima
Production items automotive prototype sheet metal,
construction machine prototype sheet metal,
mass-produced sheet metal parts in small quantities,
Large machined parts

Aircraft engine parts, rocket engine parts, Gas turbin engine parts
Group company A-COM Co., Ltd.

Organization chart

The Company History

1972 Establishment of Chugoku Jidousha Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Started special automobile bodies)
1978 Commenced work of Automobile prototype development
1984 Separated from Chugoku Jidousha Kogyo, and established Chugoku Giko Co., Ltd.
1985 Introduced 5 axis Laser cutting machine first ever in JAPAN.
1987 Branched into the field of Gas Turbine parts
1989 Branched into the field of Construction Equipment
1991 Branched into the field of Aerospace Industries.
1999 Registered as ISO9001 Quality System Manufacturer
2000 Increased Capital to 40 Million Yen
2002 Registered as ISO14001 Environmental System Manufacturer
2004 Establishd Nagoya Factory at Toyota city,Aichi
2006 Main Factory has moved to New Headquarter/Factory
2007 Registered as JISQ9100 for Aerospace
2008 Changed company name from Chugoku Giko Co., Ltd. to C-COM Co., Ltd. 
2010 Introduced the Horizontal 5 Axes machining center to the new aircraft factory
2013 Increased Capital to 60 Million Yen
2015 Kanto(Tokyo Area) Sales office opened at Omiya-city, Saitama
2016 Nadcap Authentification
2016 Kansai (Kobe, Osaka area) Sales Office opened
2017 Aero Factory moved to new location, as KAN-ON Factory
2019 Kyushu (Kyushu Island area) Sales Office opened at Fukuoka-city
2020 Authentificated Nadcap, a non-destructive inspection for international aerospace and defense industries.