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When we look at our current business circumstances which are getting harsher and tougher every minute, we seem to try to simply overcome today's difficulties.

Of course, I would admit that we should grasp the status quo and we could be chased by our attempts to countermeasure.

I believe, however, how we should face the immediate troubles is critically important in our process for stepping up the stages.

As a product development manufacturer, we have realized to launch products with high quality, short delivery time and inexpensive costs to satisfactorily match the customers' needs.

In this rough business world where our true value is sought, we are firmly determined to promote our business posture to market the products that customers are looking for with our integrity of our ardent passion and abundant know-how in technology.

We would like to aim to become an outstanding technical group with rejoicing products for customers, with on-going positive attitude by challenging to new fields of business.

Hiroshi Iwamoto



C-COM expects further growth and prosperity as a business entity with promoting happiness of our employees through our customers’ satisfaction with our trustworthy business.

  1. To become reliable supplier for our customers.
  2. To put effort to enrich employees.
  3. To endeavor development and growth of our company.

Under the managerial philosophy listed above, we are determined to put these three benefits together, thus serving our society broadly.


  1. Efficiency of productivity of respective employee
  2. Changing service circumstances to good business chances after breaking through severe conditions
  3. Strategic behaviors with immediate effects
  4. Strengthening employee education through effective OJT
  5. Advance of Small Group Activities

C-COM aims to become a familiar business entity in the society, through realization of the above Company Policies.

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