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December 1972 Established Chugoku Jidosha Kogyo CO.,LTD.

Commenced manufacturing of special automobile bodies.

Capital 10 million yen.
November 1974 Commenced automobile disassembling and servicing with authorization from Chief of Hiroshima Transport Bureau.
March 1978 Commenced manufacturing of automobile prototype panels.
January 1981 Authorized as a designated automobile (large and small size) servicing factory.
December 1984 Separated from Chugoku Jidosya Kogyo CO.,LTD., and established Chugoku Giko CO.,LTD. as an independent company.
April 1985 Adopted No.1 5-axis laser beam machine.

Factory expanded.
April 1986 Adopted No.2 5-axis laser beam machine.

Factory expanded.
August 1987 Branched into general-purpose gas turbine manufacturing.
June 1989 Adopted No.3 5-axis laser beam machine.

Factory expanded.
August 1989 Branched into construction machinery manufacturing.
May 1990 Separated from Chugoku Giko CO.,LTD., and established as an independent company, C-TEC lndustry CO.,LTD.
Adopted No.4 5-axis laser beam machine.

Factory expanded.
March 1991 Remodeling of No.1 5-axis laser beam machine.
April 1991 Branched into aerospace business.
May 1991 Adopted a 1,000 ton hydraulic press.

Factory expanded.
June 1991 Adopted a 3-D CAD/CAM system.
May 1995 Expanded 3-D CAD/CAM system.
January 1997 Increased capital to 30 million yen.
October 1997 Adopted a 1,500 ton hydraulic press.

Factory expanded.
February 1998 Adopted No.6 5-axis laser beam machine.

Built new No.3 Factory.
November 1999 Registered as IS09001 Quality System Manufacturer.
September 2000 Merged C-TEC lndustry CO.,LTD. in Chugoku Giko CO.,LTD.

Increased capital to 40 million yen.
October 2002 Registered as ISO 14001 Environmental System Manufacturer.
March 2004 Established Nagoya Office.
December 2005 Nagoya Office re-named to Nagoya Factory as new plant completed.
October 2006 Main Factory moved to new location, No.3 & No.4 Factories merged.
January 2007 Certified to JIS Q9100 Quality Management System on aircraft and aerospace.
October 2008 Changed company names to C-COM CO.,LTD.
March 2009 Automated Warehouse completed.
    Adopted a 1,600 ton hydraulic press.
August 2013 Increased capital to 60 million yen.
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